How Do You Market Your Art?

There are a plethora of ways to market your wonderful creativity in today’s world. With the websites, blogs, social media you can tap into a large market and began to make sales. It does however take work, and take you away from producing your art, but with proper management of time you can market your work and began seeing sales.

Become A Part of Your Community

What I mean is, become a part of the niche in which your work pertains to. If you paint birds become a part of that community who love birds. Subscribe to bird magazine and so on. Once you become familiar with your community, market your work to that particular community.

Building A Mailing List

You can do this by having people sign up for your mailing list when you are have display your art at a show, gallery, weekend market or craft fair. If you have your own blog or website, it is also a good idea to have a signup form on the website. Some of the popular email management tools available are Aweber, Get Response and Active Campaign. These will provide you with the setup forms and other tools to make it easy to maintain your email list.

The objective of building a list to to maintain details of all your customers and others who are interested in your art. You can use the list to send info about your upcoming shows and sales to people interested in your work. Statistics shows the people are more likely to buy from you if they have already bought from you previously or know someone who has. Regular communication with your customers and prospects is a key part to successfully marketing your art.

Market on the Web

Galleries and Art Festivals still generate money for thousands of artists but the new phenomenon is the internet. Ebay, Etsy, Artspan and many other website have helped artists generate a substantial amount of sales. A blog or website are now a “must have” for any self respecting Artist because the first thing someone asks is, “Do you have a website?” Without one you may not be taken seriously as an Artist. Have no fear and began positioning yourself as a serious professional artist on the internet.

Social Media

One sure way to market your work is having not only a website, but a presence on social media to drive people to your site. Social media allows you to quickly and easily communicate about anything to people within your inner circle or with people with similar interests. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are the leading social media sites that can be leverage as a means to make sales. There are many artists using twitter and facebook to promote their work. You can do the same and more.

Make Sales not Exposure

One of the greatest art marketer I know is Jack White who says “Art is to be Sold”. He explains in his book “Making It” that artists should not just display their work for exposure but mainly to display their work to make a sale. For instance, don’t display your work in coffee shops and libraries for exposure because no one goes their to buy art. Display your work at places where you people buy art. Galleries, Gift Shop, Art Festivals, The Mall and the web are sure ways to generate sales.