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Selling Art Online – Does It Work?

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a newcomer, selling art online does work. And if you are not involved in selling your art online you are losing out on a huge opportunity. There are a wide variety of ways to sell your art online and selecting the best few will save you a lot of missed sales. Third Party Websites The best way to start selling art online is to use existing services that typically do not […]

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Art Marketing the Professional Way

Individuals purchase products from companies they trust or who they know by name brand and whose reputation sets the company apart. Artists have to understand that they are self-employed, and as a self-employed individual you too can be a product. As an Artist, you need to learn the professional way of creating your own brand, which people know by name and trust. To effectively market art in a professional way, an artist needs to create the right […]

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Artist’s Websites – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So, you’ve been trying to find the best artist websites, you’ve taken a brief tour of Google, Yahoo and Bing and now you’re hoping to find that elusive treasure; the perfect art or photography website to do justice to your amazing art and guess what? You still haven’t found a gallery website to write home about. Let’s see if we can offer you a realistic appraisal of what’s out there; the good, the bad and the ugly […]

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