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Making money with art – Is it easy and how do you do it?

This video offers some great practical advice on different ways to make money as an Artist. I agree completely with Fieldey that an Artist need to have multiple different streams of income to secure against loosing one or more of them. There really are lots of ways you can make money as an Artist – 9 of them are presented in this video. Fieldey has her own Youtube Channel which is certainly worth checking out

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How To Sell Art at Art Shows & Festivals

Marge Kinney offers some advice to become a top selling Artist at Art Shows and Festivals. Selling at Art shows for over 20 years has given her an insight as to what works. TRANSCRIPT Hi, I’m Marge Kinney again. Welcome to the Marge Kinney Art Show and today we are at the Art Affair Festival. I’ve been in this show for 20 years so I’d like to tell you what makes me one of the top sellers […]

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